How to get started...

STEP 1: Select your Baseline Plan

Midday Munch offers 5 meals per week - pickup or delivery (x1 week)

Workweek Hustle offers 10 meals per week - pickup or delivery (x2/week)

STEP 2: Choose Add-Ons

  • Zero Sugar Desserts: 6 X Guilt-Free Low-Carb Desserts per week

  • Cold-Pressed Juices: 5 X Fresh, Cold-Pressed juices from JuiceRx per week

  • Keto Bagels: 6 X Almond Flour/Mozzarella Bagels per week

STEP 3: Pickup or Delivery? 

Pickup your meals on Mondays & Thursdays in-store or delivery Sunday & Wednesday within 30km radius for surcharge. Delivery will be within a 4 hour window (5pm-9pm - subject to change for holidays or on notice)

STEP 4: Menu Selection

Select your menu options (5 or 10) before finishing your order! 

STEP 5: Enjoy! 

You are ready to start receiving the incredible foods! Check out our programs below!


  • 2 week minimum commitment for each client

  • Food will be available for pick-up/delivery at designated timeframes listed below

  • 1 location for pick-up:  Monday & Thursday between 2pm-6pm only at 290 Dalhousie St (Thursday is split orders only) 

Disclaimer for Delivery:

Our delivery fee covers the cost of insurance and also serves as gas reimbursement for our drivers.  (Gratuity should be added to the delivery total.)


Midday Munch Orders will be delivered beginning of the week (will be contacted to establish your time).

Workweek Hustle Orders will be split delivery: Half beginning or week, half mid 

Add-ons will be delivered in full first delivery date


Customers will be given an approximate time for delivery.  We want to be as accurate as possible; however certain conditions beyond our control could delay orders.  If this occurs, we will make reasonable resolutions with a productive approach to solving the problem.


Food must be delivered to a receiving person directly to ensure high quality, immediate refrigeration and fresh standards.

Please ensure a contact is available during delivery hours as listed above.



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