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Owner/Holistic Nutritionist

Our business model has changed, we are no longer a restaurant

We are Ottawa’s premier low-carb, paleo, keto and vegan friendly baking company. Currently our products are sold inside our founders other business, Fitness Depot.
Our selections are crafted consciously by holistic nutritionist and owner, Cassandra Church, with extensive training from Cordon Bleu chef.

Low-Carb living isn't a fad or a diet - it's a lifestyle. When coming up with the concept of a carb conscious company, the menu was devised with particular emphasis on macronutrients, whole and fresh ingredients and, of course, flavours to appease various palettes.

We are consistently concocting new and exciting recipes, specials and best seller features to add to our line-up of delicious baked goods. With the help of ketogenic advocates, top notch chefs and health-focused nutritionists, you can feel confident that your food is satisfying your body as well as your taste buds.

We welcome feedback and suggestions to make Ottawa's premier low-carb bakery your preferred destination!


ADDRESS | 499 Industrial Ave| Ottawa, Ontario | 

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